Up, Up and Away…

2017_01_19-superheroI have always rooted for the underdogs.  Who doesn’t, right?  And what better way to elevate the plight of the underdog than with a superhero.  Someone who flies in, kicks trouble in the ass, and lifts the underdog away from danger.  Therein lies my problem:   I want to be rescued.  I want it to be easy.   The underdog cannot win without a drastic change of circumstances.  Enter the hero, the equalizer.  Maybe it’s a caped crusader, a winning lottery ticket, a life-changing job offer, or money inherited from a mysterious long lost relative.  What else can I say?   Being rescued would be a heck of a lot easier than flailing as the underdog!  And I like easy things.

It just hit me.  I have secretly held out for rescue from my weight problem.  Hhhmmm.  I’ve waited (and weighted) for a superhero.  Oh, I’ve climbed out of my circumstances for short bursts, like just about all obese folks.  Yet my circumstances (genetics, lifestyle, etc.) always find me again.  Every single time.

Damn it!  Do I have to be my own  superhero???  That sounds hard!!!

Yeah.  Well it sucks.  Big time.  But wallowing in my own self pity won’t get me anywhere.  Why can’t I eat what I want to eat?  Why don’t I have a “hollow leg” like some people?  Why do we have diabetes in my family?  Why does food have to taste so good?  And the delicious smells of food, why do they make me so darned hungry?  Well, you know, the list goes on.

And it’s time for me to stop looking “up” for a rescue, but rather dig in for the fight of my life.  I need to think of my research, blogging, reading and listening as muscle building exercises for my own superhero persona.  Visualize my own rescue.  Swoop in and save myself. Flex my muscles when duty calls.  I like that.  Perhaps this visualization technique just might work for me!






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