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Primitive She bent to fetch dirt and water, then rose to set mud sailing in air. Joined in tribal lust by Others they marked the shamed one. Mudslinging delivered its sting.


Primitive She morphed a civilized skin, as did Others. Their numbers did swell and divide and swell again. Mud now words. The shamed one not near but far. Across the ages she carried the urge to put hand to dirt and water. To deliver the sting. Now her words set to air and merely died.

Photo:  Splat by daydreamer

Food: The Long Goodbye

A year ago I entered a bariatric program and now my surgery is 2 weeks away. They didn’t ask much of me:  lose 15 lbs and exercise. But my hips were my obstacles and were replaced with friendlier parts in July and November. I now walk on two legs, not four, or even three. I use my treadmill and recumbent bike, often smiling as I do. I remember the pain, the dysfunction. God, this is victory! What remains of healing I can live with!

Enter food nostalgia. I heard the term, “The Long Goodbye”. The temptation to eat your way up to surgery by having all the foods you love. I’ve been battling this urge. I lose sometimes, but not most of the time.  Key to my progress is staying out of my self-sabotage tool chest for permission to indulge at will. That’s what all of this is about. Calling out self-sabotage.  Seeing it for what it really is.  Wanting better for myself. And forgiving myself when I fall.  Sounds simple enough but this is a common struggle among the obese.

Bariatric-speak words “journey” and “tool” pepper my landscape. Appointments. Study. Tiny changes here, there. Online support groups. Podcasts. All of it converges to the present. My surgery is scheduled. It won’t be long now. Going from a whole stomach to a part of a stomach. The drama. This stuff is life changing. I cling to the idea that the changes will be good.

And food will be back.  We will have an awkward relationship at first. We cannot, however, be our former selves. We must court a while before we remarry. No sense kicking food to the curb only to pick up where we left off. Food and I must treat each other better the second time around.



Led for the Head

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via Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
"There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying the stairway to heaven.
When she gets there she knows,
if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get 
what she came for."

Following is an excerpt from the commentary
posted at Genius Lyrics:  

‘A minstrel’s ballad composed after a jaunt in the Welsh mountains. Robert Plant explained the song was a “cynical aside about a woman getting everything she wanted all the time without giving back any thought or consideration.”

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were loath to dissect their own lyrics, or have them analyzed. This seems to have been a kind of wall they constructed to protect themselves from critics, who might bash their lyrics, or criticize their beliefs, or invade their personal space. They’re still reserved in that way.’


Geta Did

via Daily Prompt:  Blur

All kids wanted to please my older (and only) sister. She inspired trust. She was confident, adept at firmness, with a generous gift of compromise.

I was an onlooker when she took any one of my children shoe shopping. It was glorious.

“I like this pair, Geta!”

“Well, now let’s try them on then.” She gave no hint of the excitement to come. “There. Now, how do they feel?”

“Good, Geta. Real good! I want to get these. Look! They have…(glo-in-the-dark stars, pink flowers, sparkles, Ninja Turtles, Barbie, Thundercats).”

“They are nice. But…the real question is:  Do they run fast?”

“I’m sure they do, Geta!” My child’s anticipation of the coveted prize dispelled any traces of doubt.

“There’s only one way to find out if they will run fast.”

Whatever did she mean? And there it was, that precious illumination. Your child’s face awakens with understanding. Was she really saying to run, right there, in the shoe store?

“Should I try to run in them, Geta?”

“Yes! Let’s see how fast those shoes can really go!”

Any hesitation dissolved in a flurry.  Whoooosh! The blur of new shoes delivered its promise with speeds worthy of a cheering stadium.  Up and down the aisle the new shoes proved their metal against the roar of the crowd.

“Did you see that, Geta?  Did you see how fast these shoes are?”

“Why, yes I did!  Thank you for showing me.  I now see that they are, indeed, very fast shoes!”

The verdict was in.

Meet E. M. Bellish

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2017_02_18storytellingGo with me somewhere. Anywhere. Let’s share an experience.  Now watch me translate our story into an entirely new one.

I am E.M. Bellish.

I add volume to loud noise, color to sky, animate the inanimate. I am a storyteller.

Do I lie? Perhaps in the strictest sense, yes.  Little smudges at truth’s hardest edges. I am a photo editor except with words and gestures.  Bright contrast here.  Dab of highlight there. Crop.  Tilt.  Maybe a filter that softens.  Add deeper blacks to enhance suspense.

Language translates experience, emotion, understanding. And spoken word pairs with gesture, tone and modulation to draw the ear.

A perfect stage for E.M. Bellish.  🙂