Meet E. M. Bellish

via Daily Prompt:  Translate

2017_02_18storytellingGo with me somewhere. Anywhere. Let’s share an experience.  Now watch me translate our story into an entirely new one.

I am E.M. Bellish.

I add volume to loud noise, color to sky, animate the inanimate. I am a storyteller.

Do I lie? Perhaps in the strictest sense, yes.  Little smudges at truth’s hardest edges. I am a photo editor except with words and gestures.  Bright contrast here.  Dab of highlight there. Crop.  Tilt.  Maybe a filter that softens.  Add deeper blacks to enhance suspense.

Language translates experience, emotion, understanding. And spoken word pairs with gesture, tone and modulation to draw the ear.

A perfect stage for E.M. Bellish.  🙂


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