Geta Did

via Daily Prompt:  Blur

All kids wanted to please my older (and only) sister. She inspired trust. She was confident, adept at firmness, with a generous gift of compromise.

I was an onlooker when she took any one of my children shoe shopping. It was glorious.

“I like this pair, Geta!”

“Well, now let’s try them on then.” She gave no hint of the excitement to come. “There. Now, how do they feel?”

“Good, Geta. Real good! I want to get these. Look! They have…(glo-in-the-dark stars, pink flowers, sparkles, Ninja Turtles, Barbie, Thundercats).”

“They are nice. But…the real question is:  Do they run fast?”

“I’m sure they do, Geta!” My child’s anticipation of the coveted prize dispelled any traces of doubt.

“There’s only one way to find out if they will run fast.”

Whatever did she mean? And there it was, that precious illumination. Your child’s face awakens with understanding. Was she really saying to run, right there, in the shoe store?

“Should I try to run in them, Geta?”

“Yes! Let’s see how fast those shoes can really go!”

Any hesitation dissolved in a flurry.  Whoooosh! The blur of new shoes delivered its promise with speeds worthy of a cheering stadium.  Up and down the aisle the new shoes proved their metal against the roar of the crowd.

“Did you see that, Geta?  Did you see how fast these shoes are?”

“Why, yes I did!  Thank you for showing me.  I now see that they are, indeed, very fast shoes!”

The verdict was in.

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