“It’s the least I can do, dear.”

via Daily Prompt:  Minimal

I’ve heard it told that Bill Gates sought lazy people for employment. The story goes that lazy people were experts at finding the easiest way to accomplish a task. If true, what genius! I gained a whole new respect for laziness with this concept! Who better to improve efficacy than one who lives it!

In keeping with today’s daily prompt…The End.

7 thoughts on ““It’s the least I can do, dear.”

  1. Is this true? That’s awesome. A little counterintuitive though. I mean, a lazy person may seek the easiest task, but sometimes the most simple solution still requires multiple iterations, and may a lazy person may not bother going through with all of that. Just a thought.

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  2. Ha ha, I really like the logic on this. Bill was very wise, oops.. is very wise! During a time and motion study the non-lazy would probably fail the task because they always find that little extra to do that wasn’t in the original brief!

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