DP: The Happy Side Effect

the fresh risking of an original stake together with its winnings

via Parlay | Definition of Parlay by Merriam-Webster

Daily Prompt the lure, ‘parlay’ dangled in this morning’s waters. I took the bait.  I was hooked, strung along, reeled in and gutted, exposing my ignorance.  I turned to the dictionary to refine my understanding.

‘Parlay’ stuck on me after seeing Robert De Niro  in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012). He and others used ‘parlay’ many times.  I had a vague understanding, but the word was a stranger still.

So thank you, DP, for snagging me this morning.  Now back to open waters.



“Princess Bites”

Daily Prompt:  Hesitate

Small forks given to me by a loved one. A size comparison.
Small forks given to me by a loved one. A size comparison.

In a week’s time I won’t be able to take a regular swig of drink. Or eat a regular fork full of food. Soon comes the time for hesitation.  Sips only at first, followed by “Princess Bites”.

Bariatric surgery requires healing of the altered gut.  Inflammation and tissue reduction dictate the gentlest of consumption in the recovery stages.

My “Princess Bites” have been practiced and largely abandoned.  My mind and mouth quickly forget. In a moment I slide back into gulp and chomp. There is no pain, nausea or toss-up to remind me.  Not yet anyway.  It is fast approaching.

It will be interesting having to respect food and drink consumption in a radical way.

Raising my imaginary glass to new beginnings…Skoal!