Pointed Heads

Went for the low hanging fruit this morning. I’m just saying.

The sheer confidence of it all!

Never had the angst, bravado, nor enough hair to do such a thing.

But they seem to enjoy their hair to no end.  I like that.

Daily Prompt:  Spike

Spikes by Mike Freedman

Gracie by Jason Hargrove

5 thoughts on “Pointed Heads

  1. We had one of the “Statue of Liberty” pointed hair characters sit right in front of us in a concert about 4 years ago. It was interesting…and rude always getting his POINT shoved in our face as he wiggled! We saw very little of the concert. Good thing we could hear it. They can do their thing if they want but when it starts invading my space I get annoyed.


  2. Well yes, that would be very annoying. Like sitting behind a big hat that was bobbing around. Although you could take a spike in the eye if things lined up just right I suppose.


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