Fowl Suicide

This winter was our coldest, longest, iciest in my memory. Burrrrr!!

A bright spot came in the form of three fat white chickens. They appeared one day in early December and pecked in our side yard beyond the fence where small patches of earth appeared in occasional melts.  We live in a rural-ish part of town.

The chickens have been a delight to watch. Our dogs have spent nearly 4 months now barking and pouncing and leaping at the “chicken show”.  Sadly, over time only two chickens came back, then one, then a new, dark chicken appeared.

The dark chicken has been the only little visitor of late. She hung around our side yard for days on end with occasional forays into the front yard.

That is until yesterday. Apparently she was depressed, but not too knackered to fly over our fence and into our yard.  My Olive was elated to finally play with her feathered friend.

It did not end well.  I will miss that chicken.

via Daily Prompt:  Knackered

4 thoughts on “Fowl Suicide

  1. It seldom ends well for the chicken when they end up in the same unrestricted yard with a dog. Sea King had a field day with our neighbor’s chickens at the other house. My wife wants us to grow chickens but with 3 dogs I am sure it will not end well as you have discovered!


  2. Olive killed a chicken??? That dog’s got a longer kill sheet than Aaron Hernandez! Did you get to keep and eat the chicken at least? Or did she shred it to pieces?


    1. Yep. I got the news while I was at the park last evening. Dad disposed of the evidence so I was spared the visual. She is truly a very prey driven dog. I can only imagine that Eddie barked and pranced. He’s just not the killer that she is!


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