Where is thy sting?

Where did I misplace my cynicism? It must be here somewhere!

Snarky comics dangling bitter words. Me, eager to feed.

But wait. What now? Not funny?


What happened to me?

I’d cry depression if I were depressed, but alas, no such thing.

I’m happy.

I never suspected that happy was a bitterness repellent.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

It must be a 24-hour thing.

The old sting will be back tomorrow.

For today I will just try to adjust.


via Daily Prompt: ย Bitter


4 thoughts on “Where is thy sting?

    1. Well, since I haven’t been working for a while now, I can’t claim deliberate retirement just yet. Guess you are happy this fine Monday since you are retired, right? ๐Ÿ™‚


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