Distractions a Plenty

In true chaotic fashion I have managed to unravel my newfound optimism and find myself back on a very familiar path. Today, I come clean. What is my blog if not to serve as an asset in my life. A tool of recovery so to speak.

Why did I want to have a blog? Oh, yes, now I remember. Mission of self-discovery. Regularity. Gentle risk taking.  Expression. Connection. Challenge to do something new. Gallant reasons all.

So why veer off path? No mystery to me.  Done it a thousand times before. Here’s the fun part – I see the distraction quicker and clearer than before. I see it! Victory! The symptoms have been mounting until I’m off schedule entirely:  Irregular waking and sleeping times, missing exercise, falling off the food diary, wasting time on FB.

Generally – I escaped for a bit. Time to jump back in and head where I need to be. That’s it. Nothing more glamorous to it.

Here’s to creeping back into a more purposeful place.

Til next time…


Photo:  Thumb’s Up by Sara Marshall



4 thoughts on “Distractions a Plenty

  1. You forgot to mention Therapeutic, that’s what writing a blog can be, at least that’s what it was when I began.
    I agree with Jordan, you are doing great Ethel. Sometimes We forget the purpose of the path, but then you remember where you’re heading and get back on it again. Well done Ethel 😀

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