Coke & Peanuts

My sister, Nettie, introduced me to Coke and peanuts. I guess it was a “thing” way back when. With my first ever bottle of Coke laced with peanuts on the bottom, I awoke to the dynamic duo of sweet and salty.  My love affair with the combo ensued.

When I think of Coke, I think of Nettie.  Bet she would have gotten a kick out of these “Coke Bottle Women” by Cranky Messiah.

coke bottle women by cranky messiah

The photographer writes that he shot this from his truck.  He spotted the art on the side of a building in Baltimore, Maryland.


Via daily prompt:  Bottle


14 thoughts on “Coke & Peanuts

  1. Every so often I’ll run across a reference to Coke & peanuts and I must confess, I have not a clue what that tastes like. How did I live to the ripe old age of 60 (and counting) without exploring this fascinating delicacy?

    Adding to my bucket list. HA!

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    1. I know, Julieallyn, it’s a weird combo if you ask me. Surely it was started by some popular girl who was being pestered by a boy who plunked salty peanuts into her Coke. LOL.

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  2. Oh my…. I had forgotten all about coke and peanuts!!! I had that combination a few times as a child growing up in the south! Thanks for the memory!!!!


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