The Cutting Edge

I have always liked to make things, but power tool cuts were out of my reach. Until yesterday.

Necessity and opportunity converged and I bought my very first saw! This little thing is sexy!  (Dremel Ultra Max)


I don’t recall ever actually using a saw before, although I’ve held many a board as other’s made cuts.

As always, I cringed when the saw started up.  The shrill whir paired with the toothed blur betrayed potential danger at such speeds.

Like all agents of change, a power saw cannot bring rewards without risks.

My maiden cut was in a bead board panel.  The cut’s not perfect, but it’s mine! My second cut was better and so on.  Thank God for caulking and trim molding which can mask my adequate cuts.

10 thoughts on “The Cutting Edge

  1. I am impressed Ethel, a power saw, wow! Last summer I bought an electric sander to assist me when doing up my garden furniture. I loved using it but then I discovered I didn’t actually enjoy the painting that followed, which really was the whole point of buying the sander!


    1. So glad I bought this saw, Sue. It is a nice scale and size – not so intimidating! My cuts are getting better and better. In my dreams I envision building stuff (i.e., cabinet, table, that sort of thing). Who knows if I will progress that far. I’m peeking in on YouTube videos to see if I can absorb some of the construction methods.

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