Sign of the Crab

Crab shells were among my favorite beach finds as a girl. I was born under the astrological sign Cancer – the crab.  I wonder if knowing that peaked my interest in crabs.

Recently I was able to watch crabs transverse shallow, sunny waters near the San Juan Islands. Underwater, the crabs’ shells shined  with surprising opulence when the sun hit them just right. They were pretty for the briefest of moments.

It is so easy to have a romance with the beach. You admire seafaring vessels from afar, your feet firmly planted in polished sand as you cast your eye over the watery plane.

Children frolic . Dogs chase waves. Waves chase children. Broken bits of shell and stone tempt the eye.

And sound is tempered by the briny deep. The loud of birds and people is cast into the open air only to be swallowed by nature itself.

Via Daily Prompt:  Sail

Photo Cool Crab by Jennifer Gresham

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