Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Day 139

Weight loss has stopped cold. Crawled a bit. Stopped cold again. I’m in a pattern now.

But what of my other health goals? Still taking wee amounts of hypertension med. Still taking a bit of Metformin.  This is improvement and I will take it as success.

Inflammation? Now there is a story to tell.

The mystery between inflammation and bariatric surgery cannot be fully explained yet. My arthritis did not flee, it’s just behaving little better these days. Weight loss alone cannot explain the remission of inflammation of tissue around joints.  Better overall diet might play a key role, but one simply cannot pin this benefit squarely where it belongs.

Still…who’s complaining about feeling better?  Not me!



5 thoughts on “Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Day 139

  1. I know from first hand experience that when I am at a smaller weight after losing, how much better I felt and aches and pains started to subside. Since gaining some weight back, I am feeling the aches and pains more and more. It just puts a strain on our bodies when we carry extra poundage! You would think that I would learn and remember that, but alas, my old habits wreak havoc on my mind and I don’t do what I know I am supposed to do! UGHHHH 😦


    1. The inflammation. Ugh! It’s a whole package deal. Does inflammation cause weight? Does weight cause inflammation? I don’t think of the weight so much as the culprit – but a side effect. I wish there was a commercial that said, “Caution! Exposure to XYZ can cause these side effects: Gnawing hunger, depression, self-loathing, joint pain, confusion, body aches, mood swings, apathy and weight gain.” Wouldn’t it be grand to have a clear and legible name for that thing/s that causes all of those symptoms?

      I don’t honestly believe the XYZ is just tasty food. Or one larger portion. There is a symbiosis and no one has nailed the exact relationship/s. We live in proximity to answers. 🙂


  2. During the last few months the stiffness in my own joints has disappeared, coincidentally so as has 16 pounds of excess weight! My initial explanation for the lack of stiffness was the weight loss. However, since the beginning of the year I’ve been in a more positive frame of mind and felt much happier than I have for a long time.
    Therefore I’m inclined to think my happiness and contentment caused the weight loss and both factors helped the aching joints!
    Now if I could only lose another 16 pounds my happiness would be complete!


    1. Sue, I think you’re onto something. My bariatric surgeon, Dr. Samar Mattar (now director for Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA’s bariatric program) weighed in on this topic in a recent podcast. He believes stress (in its various forms) is the cause of metabolic disorder. Environmental factors were key in his interview.

      I opt into the thinking that there is a definite correlation between the mind and the gut. I’m no scientist but, like you, draw my own anecdotal conclusions. We do what we can to make sense out of this life, right?

      Congrats on the 16 down! But the joints! This is great news and it’s wonderful to feel the old “grease in the wheels” so to speak! Anytime we have relief from chronic inflammation is a victory!

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