These old boots…

When was it, exactly, that my hubs became enamored with retirement?  It’s been at least a couple years, I’d say.  His passionate dream of not clocking in has paralleled my journey of inability to work.  Me, at home, with assorted physical limitations.  Him, at work, with a longing not to be there.

On Thurs., 8/24/2017, our two worlds converged.  He is retired.

retirement - boots

Never, in all our married life of 35 years, have we lived a ‘typical’ work schedule.  I have worked mostly a 9 to 5 -type work week, M-F.  He has worked various shifts, the odd days off, holidays, etc.  It meant he missed a lot of events over the years.  It meant I was a quasi-single mom.  It kept us fed, housed, clothed.  He and I did the best we could with what we had.

You know, like most of us!

And now what lies ahead? Grand schemes for travel? Great building projects? Second careers?

For now, we’re learning how to share space.  He is trying on his freedom, finding small projects, rising and retiring at “normal” times.  I am a fly on the wall — watching.  My goal is not to interfere too much, allowing him to feel and experiment with this strange landscape.  He has worked since he was a young teen.  He is 64 now.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he probably will struggle a bit with the sheer strangeness of it all.

Either way, I’m here.

via Daily Prompt:  Enamored.

Photo:  Retirement by Mark Bonica

14 thoughts on “These old boots…

  1. You might struggle too – the under feet syndrome. My late husband’s real job was show business and he worked away from home a lot plus in the evenings, meaning he was at home during the day. When he semi-retired I passed comment that I too was thinking of retirement. His face was a picture, such a look of horror “What… when?” The thought of me being at home each and every day was too much for him. It was great fun for the rest of us though, a threat to hold over him. Careful dad, mum might retire! Unfortunately, he became ill before I retired, though I did take time off to look after him and he didn’t mind after all!


    1. I must confess, Sue, that I’ve been fussing about this for quite awhile. Lucky a calm came over me when my whining met with reality. At least so far. I’m sure you’ll hear more down the line!

      I’m saddened that you didn’t get to have him in your retirement. At least you and the kids had fun threatening him with your retirement before he became so ill. Retirement has a way of getting a reaction, one way or another. πŸ™‚

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  2. Retirement is an adjustment. My husband plans to retire next June, so I will be in your shoes soon! Enjoy the ride of working out the kinks, it will provide great family stories! Hugs!

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      1. Tell him Shirley says he can come and sort my junk too!

        Missed you tonight.

        You might threaten him by telling him that he can do all the cooking and cleaning now that he is OFFICIALLY retired!


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