‘to commit to memory…’

 “I’m never going to forget this.”

“I will never forget that face.”  

“Hell will freeze over before I forget this!”

Then the fairy trickster godmother sentences that item to a remote, sticky glob of grey matter.

A mixed bag of blessings, I would say.  Whilst clawing through cobwebs and grey ooze to find sequestered memories, we live the benefit of forgiveness.  The slate is cleared of all but the dimmest trace of what we seek.

There is freedom in letting go.

I guess that’s why stuff is so important to humans; our sensory ‘calendar’ marking our journey.  To be sure, not every item is precious.  Every item is, however, evidence of a life lived.  What a pity to rely on such tangible proof.

Damn! I think I just understood a tiny bit of what hoarders must deal with.  Eeegads!

I’m going to go sort out some stuff right now!

Via Daily Prompt:  Memorize

Header Image:  Matt Gibson’s Brain

3 thoughts on “‘to commit to memory…’

  1. I love your writing style.
    I’m not sure what I am, I find it hard to let go and then suddenly I think… Oh what the hell I never use it or even look at it. Four years on and I finally go for clutter free!

    The eldest is ruthless, though I’m not sure how she came to be this way. At the time of hubby’s death he owned 14 lawn mowers!

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    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Sue. I want to be better able to discern; to be decisive in sorting. It sucks to think, “Oh, but I can use this for ….”. I love clever people who turn things into other things. Careful re-purposing of found objects, for example, is a romantic notion that I SELDOM see through execution.

      Somewhere out there is a clever girl or boy who can take 14 lawnmowers and create a giant horse statue out of them. But alas, that’s not me. And 14 is a lot of lawnmowers! 🙂

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