Like: FB Turtleneck

I want more than a LIKE button and its more exuberant neighbors LOVE, ANGRY, SAD.

I’m choking over here.

LIKE that house fire?

LIKE that report on poverty figures?

Hey, can I get a simple checkmark?

Check mark says, “Hey, there.  I saw your post.  I read you.  We’re good here.”

LIKE would be a real choice then.

“Yeah.”  “Way to go.”  “Thumbs up!”

LIKE would mean something.

Acknowledgement wouldn’t necessitate alignment.

The slight difference would sit well with me.

I would LIKE it.


8 thoughts on “Like: FB Turtleneck

  1. Hello Ethel, I joined Facebook in the early days but lately I’ve lost interest in it. Occasionally, I post a link to a blog article and although the stats show the articles have many views from Facebook no one comments, and on Facebook itself I’m lucky to get a couple of Likes. Ah well, at least they don’t click☹️

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    1. FB is a great life distraction. I’m glad family (extended) keeps updated with pics and status. It’s very useful that way. I find myself mindlessly hanging out when I don’t really mean to except out of habit. Certainly not a requirement for happiness, Sue! I’m with you there.

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