Damn you, Stephen King! You killed the adverb!

On Writing is written and read aloud by Stephen King. He fascinates me and I don’t want the audiobook to end.  No re-read/re-listen will have the same effect.  Not even close.  What he throws at me has one chance to stick.

King recalls his storyteller roots from A to Z without putting me to sleep.  You’ve got to be good to do that because my mind wanders with the best of them.  Bad sometimes.

Thanks to King, I now see the adverbs in storytelling.  They are everywhere. He challenges me to be judicious with adverbs, eliminating them at best.  King admits even he can’t kill all of them.

The concept is firmly planted. I heartily accept this challenge.  It will be hard to describe my way around those little these sweeties.  Writing just got a little more complicated.

Oh, and King writes for the sake of writing.  Aaahhh, just as I’d suspected.  Money and fame be damned, you couldn’t stop King from writing if you tried.  He writes because he must.  Period.  Exactly what I want from a writer! He is no lazy writer and puts in the time.  Lesson given.  Lesson received.

Thank you, Stephen King.

Press Photo Credit: Shane Leonard.

Daily Prompt:  Complication

7 thoughts on “Damn you, Stephen King! You killed the adverb!

  1. Actually, Mr. King suggests a sensitive use of adverbs. Who REALLY killed it? Sports announcers. They NEVER EVER USE AN ADVERB. I’m pretty sure they don’t know the difference between and adjective and an adverb or, for that matter, between a noun and a verb. Listen to them talk. I dare you to find an adverb. Or even a complete sentence.


    1. You are right, Marilyn. I’m no expert at grammar and I’m lazy. I’ve relied on my intuitive knowledge of English to sort of glide me through. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. One of the staff at B&N recommended this book to me last fall. I picked it up, perused a few pages and – yawn – put it back on the shelf. A few months later, after reading rave reviews time and time again, I gave it another go. LOVED this book. It was a joy to read and packed with some really (!!) great advice. Loved your review as well. 🙂


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