Books are…

I am NOT an avid reader.  Shamefully, I admit this truth. So when I put a book on this list it is because I find it of great value!

Product Details

Alameda’s Awakening by Tara Pegasus.  “An edgy novel about mental illness, set in the 1950s, Alameda’s Awakening outlines the cognitive dissonance of a young violinist tormented by her strict religious faith.”


Product DetailsThe Emotional First+Aid Kit by Cynthia L. Alexander, PsyD.  Subtitled, ‘A Practical Guides to Life After Bariatric Surgery’.  I need to read this a second time now that I am 4+ months out from my own bariatric surgery.  It is easy to read, put down, pick up later, etc.  Sound behavioral insights.

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