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Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Day 139

Weight loss has stopped cold. Crawled a bit. Stopped cold again. I’m in a pattern now. But what of my other health goals? Still taking wee amounts of hypertension med. Still taking a bit of Metformin.  This is improvement and … Continue reading

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Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Day 52

My last post on this topic was March 1, 2017 – just 1 week before surgery (March 8, 2017). I write today just to touch base. To give myself a marker. I am very pleased with my progress. Sure, the … Continue reading

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“Princess Bites”

Daily Prompt:  Hesitate In a week’s time I won’t be able to take a regular swig of drink. Or eat a regular fork full of food. Soon comes the time for hesitation.  Sips only at first, followed by “Princess Bites”. … Continue reading

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Food: The Long Goodbye

A year ago I entered a bariatric program and now my surgery is 2 weeks away. They didn’t ask much of me:  lose 15 lbs and exercise. But my hips were my obstacles and were replaced with friendlier parts in … Continue reading

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Bariatric Dishes!

DP:  Seriousness OMG!  With all seriousness, I have found ceramic nirvana! In today’s newsletter from Bariatric Foodie she reviewed of a line of ceramic dishware geared for bariatric patients!  Honestly, the creator/founder heeded the call for portion control in her own life and … Continue reading

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