Old Wood-New Wood

We made a planter box from our old deck wood.  The salvaged planks are gray and timeworn (like me).

Today, we used new wood to make our first lattice.

I like the contrast of old and new.

Beans, zucchini, sunflowers and chives.

I turn 60 in a few days.  I’ve never been a gardener.

So fun to try such things!

Photo Prompt:  Timeworn

Momma Bear Apothecary

Katie is Momma Bear Apothecary.  momma bear apothecaryShe makes things, sells things, teaches things. She is teaching and selling her goods at a retail start-up which appeals to the inner hippy in all of us. The casual square footage is dotted with watery art pieces, stones, wood, herbs and oils.  I hope Lotus of the Moon enjoys retail success. They have started small but judging from the traffic I saw today, they are filling a niche in this community.

It was at Lotus of the Moon that Katie, my niece, taught me (and others) how to make a mala bracelet. I didn’t really understand what a mala was but I do now. The mala necklace is a well-known mediation tool.  Katie started making mala bracelets, sharing with us that she simply doesn’t have the time to meditate with a full mala necklace.  The mala bracelet became her go-to.

mala bracelets

Hands and bracelets pictured were, I believe, from today’s class.

Now I will simply have no excuse not to meditate. I don’t have a mantra yet but dang, I bet I can come up with something.

Aaahhhh.  I’m feeling better already!

Logo and photo courtesy of Momma Bear Apothecary

Why Crochet???

That’s a question I’ve asked myself many, many times. What is so engaging about looping and plunging yarn?

Knitting is, IMHO, a much more elegant pursuant. But knitting requires each hand to command a needle.  It’s much more tiring.  I guess I just like knitting’s country cousin.

What is going on here?  My God!  I’m breaking out in a sweat! did-practice-knitting-begin_2dc7fe742f55769c

My mom knitted beautifully.  I remember the circular needles, the short stabby needles (like in the pic). Sheesh. Markers and purposely dropped stitches. Took my breath away. I never got past “knit and purl”.

Oh, I have found, and ditched, very complex crochet patterns.  I must be able to crochet and watch TV. Or chat with Mr. Nelson (hubby). Or do both. This is imperative.

As a little girl I think I crocheted some wonky Barbie clothes. They were a perfect compliment to my wonky hand-sewn Barbie clothes.

Crochet is just a thing, that’s all.  It satisfies without demanding too much attention.