Gastric Sleeve

Photo by Honolulu Media

Recommended reading:

Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success by Dr. Duc C. Vuong.  I have read through this book twice already.  It is my decision to adopt many of Dr. Vuong’s recommendations. I hope that I can incorporate them long term. Dr. Vuong is a bariatric surgeon with Lovelace Health Systems in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He is unusual, spending many hours teaching classes to his patients and providing them with no-nonsense help.  I am not one of his patients…but I am a fan.

The Emotional First+Aid Kit by Cynthia L. Alexander, PsyD.  “A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery.”  Admittedly, I read this one before I had surgery. I’m certain that I will soon be re-reading this book.  The tools discussed herein have been helpful but will be very valuable over the years following my surgery.  The mental game is the thing, and this book is entirely about the mental game.