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Vertical Gastric Sleeve – Day 139

Weight loss has stopped cold. Crawled a bit. Stopped cold again. I’m in a pattern now. But what of my other health goals? Still taking wee amounts of hypertension med. Still taking a bit of Metformin.  This is improvement and … Continue reading

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Wanted: Knees That Bend

via Daily Prompt:  Squat When young I did squat quite a lot, quite a lot. Well oiled parts moved with the flow. Parts now rusted and rough they don’t move well enough. And the bend is too far to go. So attempting the … Continue reading

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Anti-Inflammatory and Bariatric Surgery

I will have the same joints thin as I do fat. When osteoarthritis stakes its claim in your joints, you know it its there.  It’s your uninvited daily companion,   squatting on prime real estate.  It is annoying, sometimes menacing. You … Continue reading

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