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Momma Bear Apothecary

Katie is Momma Bear Apothecary.  She makes things, sells things, teaches things. She is teaching and selling her goods at a retail start-up which appeals to the inner hippy in all of us. The casual square footage is dotted with watery … Continue reading

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“Well Howdy, Partner.”

“I’m back in the saddle again…” I might have heard the solitary whistle of a lone cowboy warbling over the plains when I read today’s prompt.  August heat and a smoky sky hang over my town, a hazy reminder of … Continue reading

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Miss Almira Gulch

Miss Almira Gulch terrified this child when she came screaming down the Kansas landscape on her bicycle, little Toto trapped in her basket.  The Wizard of Oz delivered us a wonderful villain.Actress Margaret Hamilton barged onto the flat, sepia farm … Continue reading

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Girl Whacks Ball

Tetherball was a lifesaver in my childhood.  It filled lonely spots on the playground with a zen-like calmness when played alone. Sometimes boys made it a ‘cage-fight-to-the death’ during recesses at Hoover Elementary.   I was one of the tougher … Continue reading

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“He has a lot of pluck…”

courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds :  dogged resolution via Pluck | Definition of Pluck by Merriam-Webster I like this use of pluck.  Sounds so feisty! I think of a small, wiry fellow in a rigid hat as … Continue reading

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