“W’s” and “F’s” of Food.

What to eat?

When to eat it?

Why eat?

Who to eat it with?

People of Earth can suffer starvation and abundance all at the same time.

Somewhere, children are filling their tummies with dirt cookies (yes, this really happens).

Yet only in abundance can my food choices be so fraught with decision making. I have the blessing of available and plentiful food.

Fresh food.

Flavorful food.

Filled with nutrition food.


My food supply is near my home and I can easily drive to buy it. My food is purposely farmed, inspected, packaged, and presented for my convenience. I need not water it, feed it, till it. Such are the spoils of abundance.

Today, as I prepare for yet another trip to the food store, I pray to remember the blessings at my fingertips.

I ask God for wisdom and perspective when prioritizing my food choices. Not to be seduced by packaging and easy. Seek the nutritious. Honor the farmer and the rancher.

Others who wrestle endlessly with eating issues will understand. We who are many.

We are small or large or larger still.

We share bodies that got “out of whack” somewhere along the way.

We want to resolve our relationship with the fuel necessary to feed our body systems.

My 2019 Focus:

To shop and chop my best food year yet!

Why did I even start a blog?

I last fired up the old blog in June 2018.

December 2018, WordPress auto renewed my account just like I asked them to do.

January 9, 2019 I actually logged into my account and researched refund potential for cancellation.

Today, I changed my mind.  Why?  Who knows.  Largely because I rarely do anything continuously without diverging.  Also, I like choices.  Who doesn’t, right?  I like knowing that I can post if I want to post.

There it is.  The lazy blogger’s philosophy.  Truly a selfish endeavor for the meandering soul.

Happy 2019!


Confessions of a Space Rock

Hello there!

Once random bits formed masses.

Those masses then exploded birthing me and my kind.

I am a small space rock, hurling at incredible speeds towards the Earth’s atmosphere.

I will burn up before I assimilate.

Almost all space rocks bearing down on Earth share a common fate.



A few make it, though.

On the third rock from the sun, they are prized and feared and worshipped.

Oh, to be one of those!

I am not unlike a billion dreams conceived and set into motion.

Once in a great while, a dream survives.  Takes root.

A dream that illuminates and fascinates.  That inspires.

An organized existence gives common destiny to space rocks and dreams.

Born into motion and extinction.

But, that is, for the few that make it.

Oh, to be one of those!

Photo Credit:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Like: FB Turtleneck

I want more than a LIKE button and its more exuberant neighbors LOVE, ANGRY, SAD.

I’m choking over here.

LIKE that house fire?

LIKE that report on poverty figures?

Hey, can I get a simple checkmark?

Check mark says, “Hey, there.  I saw your post.  I read you.  We’re good here.”

LIKE would be a real choice then.

“Yeah.”  “Way to go.”  “Thumbs up!”

LIKE would mean something.

Acknowledgement wouldn’t necessitate alignment.

The slight difference would sit well with me.

I would LIKE it.


Clean Slate…

Emails.  Messy mental mudpies. Virtual dust bunnies.



Inbox fresh and clean.  What a feeling!

Do they really matter much?

Most days, no.  That’s why they grow so.

Better that the emails go.

Out out, damned spots!


via DP:  Messy

photo “End”