“W’s” and “F’s” of Food.

What to eat?

When to eat it?

Why eat?

Who to eat it with?

People of Earth can suffer starvation and abundance all at the same time.

Somewhere, children are filling their tummies with dirt cookies (yes, this really happens).

Yet only in abundance can my food choices be so fraught with decision making. I have the blessing of available and plentiful food.

Fresh food.

Flavorful food.

Filled with nutrition food.


My food supply is near my home and I can easily drive to buy it. My food is purposely farmed, inspected, packaged, and presented for my convenience. I need not water it, feed it, till it. Such are the spoils of abundance.

Today, as I prepare for yet another trip to the food store, I pray to remember the blessings at my fingertips.

I ask God for wisdom and perspective when prioritizing my food choices. Not to be seduced by packaging and easy. Seek the nutritious. Honor the farmer and the rancher.

Others who wrestle endlessly with eating issues will understand. We who are many.

We are small or large or larger still.

We share bodies that got “out of whack” somewhere along the way.

We want to resolve our relationship with the fuel necessary to feed our body systems.

My 2019 Focus:

To shop and chop my best food year yet!

Anti-Inflammatory and Bariatric Surgery

I will have the same joints thin as I do fat.

When osteoarthritis stakes its claim in your joints, you know it its there.  It’s your uninvited daily companion,   squatting on prime real estate.  It is annoying, sometimes menacing. You cannot evict arthritis, but you can temper it with movement and use of anti-inflammatories:  aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and prescriptions like Celebrex or Diclofenac.

Anyone treating for arthritis is likely informed on possible negative effects on the stomach.  There are companion drugs that can be described to address the stomach issue, although I’m not sure if the risks for ulcers can be eliminated. Use of anti-inflammatory meds after bariatric surgery is my concern as I am a gastric sleeve candidate.  Until I meet with my surgeon I will not know whether I should go ahead with this procedure.  I’m worried that I will not be able to safely use anti-inflammatory drugs following the surgery.  Quality of life is at issue.  My research tells me that losing a lot of weight will relieve some of the burden on my joints, but I will have the same joints thinner as I do fatter.  It’s just the reality of arthritis.

Otherwise, I’m sold on the positives that bariatric surgery can bring to my health (remission of Type 2 diabetes, weight loss, reducing hypertension, increased movement and participation in life).  Can I live a good quality of life without using anti-inflammatory drugs? I’m skeptical.   Or, will I find out that I can continue using them without risking a high likelihood of ulcers?  I am anxious to find the answer!


…back to reality

I got cocky.  After really making progress in self-examination and realistic accountability, I tricked myself into believing that I could have candy and cookies within my reach.  I even bragged to my hubs that I was so comfortable with my progress, so over fixating on sweets, that I could exercise reason.  I convinced myself that I was over disordered eating.

Well, I was wrong.  So goes my attempt to justify keeping sweets around me as I prepare for bariatric surgery.  Truth is, I’m no where near fixed on that account.  Today I reached out to my hubs for his feedback on this topic.  Oh yes, it was uncomfortable to hear what he had to say.  He tipped his hand a few days ago when I confessed to polishing off the lemon bars I put in the freezer for his dad.  His look was one of genuine surprise.  Why surprise?  My performance of “Oh, I’m doing so well that I can eat *&#% and not obsess over it” was convincing enough that he bought it.  After 34 years of marriage and witnessing my addictive behavior with certain foods, he believed that I was on my way.  I took no pleasure in my deception.

My husband is not my accountability broker.  I asked for his thoughts.  We were in the car headed out for lunch.  I knew that today was the day to put on my “big girl panties” as the saying goes, and toughen up.  I did it.  I steered away from choices that would perpetuate the damned carb cravings that I’m stuck with as a result of my dalliance with danger.  I ate the soup and grazed on salad.  It didn’t kill me.

The game is, once again, afoot!