Confessions of a Space Rock

Hello there!

Once random bits formed masses.

Those masses then exploded birthing me and my kind.

I am a small space rock, hurling at incredible speeds towards the Earth’s atmosphere.

I will burn up before I assimilate.

Almost all space rocks bearing down on Earth share a common fate.



A few make it, though.

On the third rock from the sun, they are prized and feared and worshipped.

Oh, to be one of those!

I am not unlike a billion dreams conceived and set into motion.

Once in a great while, a dream survives.  Takes root.

A dream that illuminates and fascinates.  That inspires.

An organized existence gives common destiny to space rocks and dreams.

Born into motion and extinction.

But, that is, for the few that make it.

Oh, to be one of those!

Photo Credit:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center