Cheers to the Kernel

Today’s Daily Post is blossom.  As much as I’d love to have a floral tale to tell, I’m thinking “popcorn”.

What is popcorn but a blossom?  

That which falls lightly over the rim of your bowl could easily be glued onto a sparse branch of white blossoms and trick the casual glance of a passerby.

Merriam-Webster offers a ‘blossom’ as a “peak period or stage of development”. Surely the once tightly-bound corny bit, coaxed to explosion by steam, can be said to blossom into its peak stage of development.

I must confess, however, it is unlikely that you will find a Pinterest bridal bouquet featuring branches with hot-glued popcorn “blossoms”.

I did find a pin showing a plastic red and white popcorn tub filled with white carnations masquerading as popcorn.  Pretty cute.

Alas, another useless idea on a quiet Friday night.  🙂

Photo by Dr._Kelly:  Salted popcorn